nice pics!
Your work is stunning - the sunsets and panoramas are striking to me in particular!!!
It was a pleasure to have met you last night!

All the best!!!
Maria I Valentin(non-registered)
Awesome pictures, you have become a professional of beauty, keep up the great work. God bless
Awesome photos here!
Merry (a recent rider)(non-registered)
Wow, Theodore, you're far too modest. Three minutes on your site reveals a wonderfully accomplished photographer with a great eye. Your cityscapes are really splendid, breathtaking. It was a pleasure to meet you and to chat -- thanks for giving me the link to your excellent work. Keep on shooting! I know you will. Cheers, Merry
Barbara Brinson(non-registered)
You take amazing pictures I see why driving is just a stepping stone to a wonderful future in photography keep up the good work. Left jacket if so feel free to email back . Keep up great work your rider on Sunday the rider to Madison St.
Cab Rider(non-registered)
Your work is very beautiful. I think that it has this very crisp or sharp characteristic to it while still remaining familiar and comforting. Good work.
It was very nice to meet you today.
Ezzat naghdi(non-registered)
Thank you so much photographer, you are the best, when you took our pic, I asked you if you are going to post that, your answer was is going to be the first one, I never thought you are serious, thank you Mr. Jones you are the best.
Malarie Mitchell(non-registered)
I see you have recognized and acknowledged your gift from God as well and are serious about sharing it with the world. Your photos are truly amazing. It's like really seeing something for the first time in a way. If you are on the go you'll see something and say wow that's nice but to capture it in a photo somehow brings out the true beauty of what you are beholding.

Don't stop what you are doing Theo we need more of this in the world perhaps if people spent more time admiring rather than destroying the world will become a better place.
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